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1.  Why do I need a real estate broker to sell my house?  I can do it myself and save thousands of dollars.
Mistakes can cost you time and money. An experienced broker can price your home right and present it in it’s 
best light. Many State and Federal laws regulate the sale of real estate. State required seller disclosure forms,
lead based paint disclosure, and proper zoning disclosure will be properly handled with a broker. Brokers screen
buyers for financial capability and motivation to buy so as not to waste your time. Brokers typically pay for all
advertising and only charge a fee if the property sells.

2.  What closing costs do I have to pay when I sell my real estate?
As a seller, your costs are typically a new deed and settlement fee of $ 200, 1% transfer tax (Butler County) – 
buyer typically pays 1% also, and the real estate commission.

3.  How long does it take to sell my property once I list it?
That is hard to estimate, but homes in Butler County have an average marketing time of about 3 to 4 months.
If your home isn’t selling, it’s because either the property isn’t being properly exposed to potential buyers
or the price is too high. Negative features must be accounted for in pricing.

4.  What can I do to sell my home for top dollar?
Keffalas Real Estate has a great video on selling your home for top dollar – it’s available for loan for free.
Call our office to make arrangements. A refundable deposit is required.
We often suggest: painting, cleaning, and removal of excess furniture/belongings to make for desirable showings.

5.  How long do I have to list my house for sale?
Pennsylvania law limits listing periods with brokers to a maximum of one year. 
Keffalas Real Estate offers listing periods as low as 90 days if priced at our suggestion.

6.  How much do I have to pay for a real estate commission to sell my property?
Real estate commissions are negotiable between the owner and the broker.
Keffalas Real Estate offers residential fees as low as 6% and commercial fees as low as 8%.

No fee is paid until final settlement. When you get your sale proceeds – we get paid.

7.  How does the real estate broker set a price on our home?
At Keffalas Real Estate, the broker, Jim Keffalas, is an experienced, certified real estate appraiser.
Jim will view your property and research comparable sales to set a proper price.
Appraisers typically use comparable sales to determine value. Buyers set price/offers by comparison shopping.

8. How do I pick a good real estate agent?
The best agents are experienced. Avoid agents with less than five years experience.
Many real estate offices are “puppy mills” – anyone who can pass a state exam to get licensed is hired.
Many of these people are poorly trained, inexperienced, unprofessional and only work part-time.
A brokers license requires more experience and classroom training than a salesmens license.
Make sure your agent is a broker.